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April 1, 2019

Should I Get a Top Piece or a Wig?: Choosing the Best Hair Piece for You

Wigs and top pieces give options to women with hair loss or thin hair. While this physical change is usually associated with men, it also affects women. According to Today Show contributor on women’s health Dr. Judith Reichman, “Women don’t expect to lose their hair (unlike men), so when it happens, it’s extraordinarily traumatic.” It may come as a surprise to find that around 40% […]
September 4, 2018

Should I Get a Top Piece?: A Quick Guide for Women Who Need More Coverage

Many people assume that when you need more hair coverage, your only option is to jump right to a full wig. The reality is that there are many nuances to this type of product. There are smaller versions designed to provide precise coverage that addresses specific concerns. This is where the top piece comes in. Sometimes referred to as a wiglet or hair topper, it […]
June 1, 2018

Hair Toppers for Women: Should I Get a Top Piece?

While it is important to love the hair you have, there are times when you may need a boost of fullness and volume. Wigs provide complete coverage, which means existing strands will be covered. If you need a precise solution, a hair topper may be the answer. This type of product provides coverage for a targeted area and blends in with existing hair. Will a […]