Great Lengths Hair Extensions in Dallas, TX

Great Lengths hair extensions are a popular choice among stylists. This brand started in 1991 and is currently sold in over 50 countries. The concept for these highly-sought extensions was inspired by heat transfer processes used in the textile industry. Fabric pieces were bonded on a molecular level. Great Lengths patented the process, allowing for a molecular bond that looks real next to natural hair. They are gentle to attach and extremely durable. Along with a strong bond, Great Lengths are produced using a method similar to those used to manufacture luxurious cashmere. Rather than using harsh bleach to break them down, the pigments are removed. The process takes more time and money but produces a much better hair extension that looks stunning.

Great Lengths Thermal Application

Great Lengths hair extensions can be applied with precision. The 3200 applicator tong is heated on one side to the approximate temperature of the lowest setting on a curling iron. Heat softens the bond so that your stylist can mold it to your natural hair for a seamless look. Other extension systems utilize glue guns and wax melting pots. Great Lengths takes a cleaner approach to give you attachments that are undetectable and non-damaging to your natural hair. Your extensions are manageable and can be brushed and styled.

Great Lengths Cold Fusion Application

Great Lengths can also be connected using the Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion method. This process requires a wave or vibration action that generates heat inside the bond, attaching to approximately 30 strands at a time. Individual strands within the bond are connected, strengthening the finished look. This option enables your stylist to mold a flat bond without compromising durability. A traditional round bond can be formed as well, which allows your stylist to customize the hair extension based on your density and preferences.

Are Great Lengths the Best Extensions for My Hair?

Many benefits come with Great Lengths hair extensions. They can be personalized to meet your needs. They last for approximately three to six months with proper care. The bond is small so that the extension can be applied higher up on the head, even in the bang or fringe area, without looking noticeable. You get an amazing look that blends with your natural locks. Tiffany Taylor is available to answer your Great Lengths extension questions. Schedule an appointment to find out if this system is the best choice for your natural hair.