Hair Toppers for Women: Should I Get a Top Piece?

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May 9, 2018
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July 2, 2018

While it is important to love the hair you have, there are times when you may need a boost of fullness and volume. Wigs provide complete coverage, which means existing strands will be covered. If you need a precise solution, a hair topper may be the answer. This type of product provides coverage for a targeted area and blends in with existing hair. Will a top piece create the look you want?

Do You Have Naturally Thin Hair?

Some women are born with hair that is naturally thin. The strands are there, but they may not provide the density you would like. In this case, a hair topper might be a great solution. The base clips on, leaving your natural locks intact. You get better coverage without a full wig.

Are You Experiencing Gradual Hair Loss?

Gradual hair loss can happen, and it isn’t a male-only condition. A number of circumstances can cause thinning. It could be genetic, signs of an underactive thyroid, or a side effect of a medication or cancer treatment. In any of these situations, a top piece can provide a solution that’s easy to manage and looks natural. It also works well as a temporary fix until the time comes to buy a full wig in cases where a complete loss is expected.

Do You Have Noticeable Problem Spots?

Bald spots can appear in odd places. Some women have alopecia areata, which causes the body to attack hair follicles. Medical science doesn’t yet know the exact reason, but genetics and autoimmune disorders could play a role. While it is rare to lose all hair, bald spots or areas with short stubs can appear. It usually takes months to grow back and may be thinner once it does. A top piece can be added to conceal a problem area and to provide additional volume and coverage in case hair is thin once it returns.

Do You Desire More Volume?

Do you wish you had thicker, more voluminous hair to style? A hair top piece lets you focus on a highly-visible area without looking fake. Blending with your natural locks is easy, and there are many color options to choose from. As long as you choose a high-quality topper that matches your tone and texture, you can get an amazing look that no one will know isn’t entirely your hair.

Have You Spoken to a Stylist?

The best way to determine if a top piece is a good choice for you is to speak to a professional. A stylist can recommend products that meet your needs and advise you on the cost, benefits, and maintenance required. Whether you have thinning hair, a medical condition, or want to change your look, you can do it with a hair topper.

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