EasiLengths Hair Extensions in Dallas, TX

EasiLengths hair extensions are made by Easihair Pro, a brand that works with stylists to provide quality products and information on hair amplification systems. The company began in the hair replacement business in 1967. They have used the same human hair manufacturing partner for over 25 years. Easihair is also the owner of the first intellectual property related to the now-popular tape-in application method. EasiLengths are produced using 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. They are ideal for women with a thin to medium texture/density. Once applied, they can be styled any way you want and will blend with natural strands.

The EasiLengths Hair Extensions Application Process

The EasiLengths application process can take between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the desired style. This semi-permanent solution gives your look more volume and length. They are easy to use and come in 12” to 20” lengths with a wave texture.

The strands are connected to your natural hair using wafer-thin polyurethane-wefted panels that come in 2” or 4” width. A medical-grade adhesive secures them in place. A maintenance appointment is recommended once every five to eight weeks. When properly maintained, tape-in extensions can be reused two or more times.

EasiLengths Extension Color Options

EasiLengths hair extensions are available in a wide variety of natural colors. Black and dark browns are available along with lighter shades including reds and blondes. This gives stylists many ways to match the extension with their client’s real color or to create lovely highlights that look authentic.

Are EasiLengths Hair Extensions a Good Choice for You?

EasiLengths are comfortable, beautiful, and don’t require special tools or damaging products to wear. They look natural and come in an array of gorgeous colors. While tape-in extensions are relatively easy to apply, they should only be handled by an expert stylist. Positioning is very important when it comes to blending the extension with your real hair. Your stylist will know how to apply EasiLengths so that you get the best results.

If you want to know if EasiLengths extensions are right for you, contact Tiffany Taylor. She can provide recommendations and advice that will help you make the best decision based on your hair density, health, and style preferences. Schedule your appointment now and find out why so many women love hair extensions.