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March 1, 2020
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The quality of a wig has a significant impact on how it looks when worn and styled. When you add hair, the goal should be to make it appear real and authentic. No one should be able to tell that strands were added to achieve the look.

Daniel Alain Follea is known around the world as an example of superb craftsmanship. Much care and attention to detail go into these hairpieces. Founder Daniel Alain Hafid invested decades into developing a method that would achieve the level of quality and luxury he wanted for his products.

Meet the Mind Behind Follea, Daniel Alain Hafid

Daniel Alain Hafid came from a family with a history of entrepreneurism. His father René was a renowned hairstylist in Paris. He was also the creator of René of Paris wigs. His products were popular during the 1980s and 1990s and featured synthetic hair in fashionable styles.

Daniel spent 30 years working with his father, learning the industry and perfecting his craft. His time working for the family business also gave him a unique perspective on the most important part of his job: the women buying his products. 

He gained a better understanding of the challenges women face when experiencing hair loss, thinning, or other concerns. He felt empathy towards the emotional connection women form with their hair.

It became clear that women want stunning hair. They want the best whether they are buying purely for aesthetic reasons or to replace hair after losing their own.

Daniel realized that synthetic locks weren’t enough. He wanted to give his customers the real thing. This sparked the idea behind his legacy, to provide women with real human hair wigs and top pieces.

The Follea International brand was launched in 2004. It raised the bar by setting the highest standards for 100% European human hair products. Now, nearly two decades later, Follea is still considered the epitome of luxury in the industry.

The results are clear as many women rediscovered their connection with their hair after chemotherapy and other health conditions that cause hair loss. Women of all ages turned to the brand for luxury solutions that would help them take control of their appearance and bolster their self-confidence.

To continue helping women in these situations, Daniel made significant investments in the research and development of hair loss diagnosis, treatment, and prevention methods. In 2018, Daniel introduced INTACT, the first clinically proven, patented hair loss technology that reduced hair shedding and controlled loss.

He continues to champion women’s hair wellness and solutions research and development projects.

A Closer Look at Daniel Alain Follea Hairpieces

It was through Daniel’s innovation that the month-long handmade process was created. Each Daniel Alain Follea wig and top piece is crafted using 100% European human hair.

The brand is committed to providing customers with the most luxurious experience possible. The cap is made with soft imported Swiss lace. Strands are hand-tied to produce a natural arrangement that looks healthy and gorgeous. 

Hidden French Top knotwork reproduces the appearance of real skin and hairlines. It’s breathable, comfortable, and beautiful.

It is necessary to be selective about sourcing materials to keep quality consistent. Daniel Alain chooses only human ponytail hair. A hand selection process is used to sort hair by length, color, denier, and texture. Highly trained artisans do the work, allowing them to accurately sort hair with their precise eye and expertise. Small batches are used as another way to maintain quality. 

The brand’s proprietary custom hair dyes achieve perfect blending and color tone. An in-house artisan spends two years learning the Daniel Alain dying process to meet the company’s high standards.

The Daniel Alain Follea collection includes topettes and wigs. Four topettes are featured:

  • Chick Topette – Chic is a topette for early and late-stage hair loss. It is usually recommended for sleek styles with bangs or can be integrated into the hairline.
  • Style Topette – Style is the most popular Follea topette. It offers a balance of comfort and security with added volume.
  • Trend Topette – Trend is lightweight with all lace material that is versatile. Best used for a woman’s initial hair loss.
  • Petite Topette – Petite is the smallest base and is best worn for early hair loss. It can be placed wherever the customer needs for better coverage.

The Follea wig collection features seven options, including:

  • René – Recommended for newcomers to the Follea band. Affordable luxury with excellent craftsmanship.
  • Style – For women who want a balance of security and comfort. Includes added volume.
  • Chic – A sleek look with an open lace front. Creates a seamless hairline.
  • Grandeur – Crafted from “private reserve” hair, Grandeur is top-tier luxury.
  • Gripper Actif – Ideal for maximum security without sacrificing comfort. Recommended for women who are active and have no hair.
  • Gripper Lite – Includes a light cap and security with no tape. Ideal for women with little or no natural hair.
  • Pixie – Customers who love a short cut will appreciate Pixie wigs. Sits at the nape of the neck.

Tiffany Taylor is available to help you explore the Daniel Alain Follea brand. Schedule a consultation to find out which wig or topette would help you achieve the look you want.