Brazilian Blowout Rewind Salon Treatment Reverses the Signs of Aging in Hair

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May 1, 2021

As time goes by, your hair will begin to show signs of aging. It’s something that most people experience.

There is nothing wrong with going gray. Many people look gorgeous in silver and white. What’s more important is the health of your hair. Even if you are very careful about how you handle your locks, you can still wind up with age-related changes because many of these are determined by genetics rather than factors that we can control. 

At some point, you may need a little help to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

If you notice changes in your hair, then you may be experiencing the signs of aging. It doesn’t mean that you are old or that your hair is ruined. There are ways to help invigorate your follicles so you can maintain your best look for years.

Common Signs of Aging in Hair

Several things can happen to your hair as you grow older. Staying healthy with a balanced diet and exercise as well as a good hair care regimen will help. Aging can’t be stopped, and genetics often play a role. That means you may still notice changes no matter how well you take care of your body and your look. 

If you notice any of the following, then it may be time to consult your stylist.

  • Light or Gray Hair – Hair follicles produce less pigment as we get older. This can cause your strands to appear lighter or make them turn grey. Most people start to see this process happen around age 30 or 40. Going gray is one of the most well-known signs of aging in hair.
  • Hair Dryness – Another side effect of aging has to do with our oil glands. These begin to shrink, which causes less natural oil to reach your strands. The result is hair that is drier than it used to be. A professional stylist can recommend products that will keep your hair manageable and soft.
  • Changes in Texture – As a woman goes through life, she will experience fluctuations in hormone production. This is often caused by milestone events like pregnancy and menopause. Shifts in hormones can alter the texture of your hair. When this happens, you may need to re-evaluate your hair care regimen and make changes as needed.
  • Thinning Hair – Hair begins to thin as we age. The rate of growth slows, and strands become smaller which gives your locks a thinner appearance. Hair that is more fragile or brittle may break more frequently.
  • Brittle Hair – If your hair becomes dry and is left untreated, it could become brittle and start to break. Dryness leads to reduced elasticity. A protein-rich conditioner, biotin supplement, and other products may be recommended to restore the look and strength of your strands.

The signs listed above aren’t exclusive to aging. Some women may experience one or more due to stress or illness. Speaking to a hair care professional is a good way to learn more about the causes of problems and how to deal with them so you can maintain a healthy, beautiful appearance.

How Brazilian Blowout Rewind Restores Maturing Hair

Brazilian Blowout salon treatment offers a professional solution to the aging hair problem. It is designed to instantly reverse the symptoms listed above and more. Years of structural and external damage can be repaired with just one application.

Clinically proven actives are combined with plant proteins to begin restoring your hair from the inside out. It helps tame gray or lightened hair. Rewind works with all hair types, whether yours is curly, wavy, straight, or coily. 

Brazilian Blowout Rewind also improves color deposit, making this treatment a great choice after a color service. No flat iron is required. It is activated and sealed using a heated dryer.

The Benefits of Adding Brazilian Blowout Rewind Treatment to Your Visit

Brazilian Blowout Rewind begins the rebuilding process in the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. It can take years off your look in one session. Why should you add this restorative hair treatment to your next salon visit?

  • Immediate Results – The results are obvious as soon as you complete one Brazilian Blowout Rewind treatment. Signs of aging are instantly reduced, reinvigorating your hair. There is no downtime and no need for follow-up visits to get results.  
  • Lasts Up to 10 Washes – Hair care is an ongoing process, but it should fit with your busy schedule. Rewind continues working for up to 10 washes.
  • Improves Color Deposit – If you are having your hair colored, consider using Rewind as a follow-up service. You’ll get better coverage and longevity out of your new look. Both services can be done on the same day.
  • Ideal for Any Age – Adults in almost any age group can show signs of aging in their hair. Rewind works whether you are in your 20s or over age 50.

Is Brazilian Blowout Rewind a Good Choice for Your Hair?

Brazilian Blowout Rewind is recommended for women with maturing hair that’s chemically treated or mechanically damaged. Mechanical damage refers to problems caused by improper detangling, over manipulation, or tension caused by tight ponytails, weaves, or braids.

The best way to determine if this anti-aging reparative treatment is a good fit for you is to speak to a professional stylist. Tiffany Taylor is available to discuss your concerns and come up with a plan to restore your hair. Book your appointment now and find out how to fix years of damage with the guidance of an expert.