Are Extensions Safe to Wear in My Hair?

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November 30, 2018
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Hair extensions can give you more options when changing or enhancing your look. Some women wear them just because they like the fullness and length they can add. Others may wear them out of necessity after a bad haircut or health-related hair loss. No matter what your motivations are, you should always make sure your extensions are properly applied and managed as recommended by your stylist. What do you need to know about wearing your hair extensions?

  • There Are Many Different Types of Hair Extension to Choose From

There are many different types of hair extension available. Each type includes a different application method. Do your research before settling on one. Some types use adhesives or attach strand-by-strand. Some are more likely to cause damage to real hair, especially if they are not properly maintained. Understanding the pros and cons of each type is a good way to avoid problems.

  • It Is Usually Worth It to Pay More for a Higher Quality Hair Product

Along with application methods, there are also variations in quality when it comes to hair extensions. The cheapest products are made of synthetic hair. This might work for some but tends to not blend naturally with your real strands. Synthetics tend to have a high shine that doesn’t look like human hair. Just keep in mind that you will pay more for the real thing, but it is usually worth the investment if you want an authentic look.

  • Learn About the Application Process Before Your Appointment

Hair extension application isn’t a five-minute process. Some application methods are quicker than others. Depending on the type, you could be in the chair anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours. Talk to your stylist about how long your application appointment will take and what it will entail. If you have health problems that prevent you from sitting for long periods of time, let your stylist know so that they can plan a break as needed.

  • Wearing a Cap at Night Can Extend the Life of Your Hair Extensions

You should have a nighttime routine that includes taking care of your hair. If you wear styles like a deep, water, or Spanish wave, then you should protect them with a cap while you sleep. Silk or satin usually works best and will help prevent bedtime tangles.

  • Hair Extensions Require Ongoing Maintenance

Your hair extensions will require maintenance at some point. This is usually done after several weeks or a couple of months – depending on the type of extension you wear. Make sure you know how often you will have to come back to have your extensions moved or reapplied. Keeping up with maintenance will give you the longest wear time and help prevent damage to your real strands.

  • Too Much Heat Styling Can Damage Your Hair Extensions

Excessive heat styling can hurt your real hair. It can also damage your extensions. If you tend to use curling irons, flat irons, or hair dryers at high temperatures, it may be time to change your routine. This can cause damage or permanently alter the curl or shape of your extension. Talk to your stylist about safe ways to achieve your desired look.

  • Ask Your Stylist About How Often You Should Wash Your Extensions

Natural hair grows out, allowing you to repair damage from the root. Hair extensions do not work that way. Once they are damaged, there is no new growth to replace and repair them. That’s why you should avoid over or under washing your extensions. Regular cleaning is needed to wash away hairspray, oils, and other residues. Too many washes can cause dryness and tangles. Your stylist can advise you on the best wash schedule for your hair.

  • Let a Professional Handle All Harsh Chemicals When Coloring Extensions

Did you know that you can color your hair extensions? It’s a great way to match them up to your natural locks or to get a new look. Just remember that it is safer to let a professional handle the harsh chemicals needed to change color or shade. Bleaching should be done slowly followed by deep conditioning.

  • Cutting a Weft Can Permanently Damage It and Make the Extension Unusable

Wefts are lengths of extension that are sewn together then woven into your hair. They can look beautiful when properly handled and applied. Never cut a weft. You could cause a break in the fabric that will unravel, making the entire extension unusable. This is a common DIY mistake. The best way to avoid it is to let a pro put your hair extension in for you.

  • Always Handle Your Extensions with the Same Care You Handle Your Real Hair

Hair extensions should be treated with the same care as your real hair. You didn’t grow it, but you still want it to look beautiful and natural. Synthetic and human hair can be damaged through mishandling. When brushing, start at the bottom and work your way up. This allows you to approach knots from below, making them easier to detangle.

Perfect hair extensions start with knowledge and a solid routine. The better you care for your extensions and real hair, the longer your look will last. Contact Tiffany Taylor to learn more about how to safely apply and manage extensions along with your hair.