10 Summer Hair Extension Care Tips: Looking Beautiful All Season Long

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Summer is a great time to go out and show off your lovely locks. Many women enjoy sunbathing, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor activities when the weather warms up. This can be wonderful for your body and your mental state but may not be for your hair extensions. Sun, salt water, chlorine, and sweat can cause damage, and all of those things tend to be found in abundance during summertime. What can you do to protect your look while you enjoy the season of beach vacations, camping, and outdoor fun?

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 1: Don’t Use Salt Spray Products On Your Hair

Some women use salt spray hair products to get that beach body look for summer. If you wear extensions, you should avoid this. These products usually contain alcohol and salt. Both ingredients are extremely drying. They can cause frizz as well as tangles.

Instead of the salt spray, try using a leave-in conditioner that will enhance curls. Apply it to your dampened hair with your hands and scrunch from the tips up. This will build body and waves without damage while nourishing your strands.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 2: Take Out Clip-In Extensions Before Getting Wet

If you wear clip-in hair extensions, take them out before you go swimming in the pool or the ocean. You shouldn’t even shower with them in. That’s because chlorine and salt water can be damaging and extensions can become tangled. When they become wet, they may form knots with your real hair. Your real hair can become wrapped around the clip. Always remove this type of extension before getting wet.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 3: Wear a Braid to Reduce Wind and Water Tangles

Braids look gorgeous in the summertime. They can keep your neck and shoulders cool and help prevent wind and water-related tangles. If you plan on going on a boat, sitting by the beach, or going anywhere else that’s breezy, braid first. This will limit hair movement and allow you to avoid nasty tangles.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 4: Consider Keeping Old Extensions for Swimming

The Barefoot Blonde blogger Amber Fillerup Clark shared some of her secrets with Allure. She suggests saving an old set of extensions to wear when you swim. It will prevent damage to your new extensions and make it easier to relax while you’re doing the things you love this summer.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 5: Rinse Hands After Applying Sun and Skin Care Products

Many women want to protect their skin as well as their hair during the warm season. This usually means using lotions or sunscreen on your face. That’s a great idea but remember that these products can harm your extensions. More specifically, they can cause the bond to weaken when using tape-in extensions. Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry hands after applying lotion or sunscreen to avoid getting it in your hair.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 6: Use Shampoo Sparingly and Avoid Conditioner On Roots

You should keep shampoo use to a minimum when wearing extensions. Usually, no more than three times a week is sufficient. This will help extend the life of the extension. Also, do not apply conditioner down to the root. This is another product that can loosen the bond.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 7: Have a Good Hair Brush or Comb for Your Extensions

Using the right brush can extend the life of your hair extensions. Do not use a tool that’s intended for natural hair only. These tend to have tightly-packed bristles or teeth that can pull your extensions. Instead, find a brush that’s designed specifically for hair extensions. Always brush downward to preserve the natural direction of your hair.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 8: Apply a Silicone Spray to Protect From Sun Damage

Your hair extensions can suffer sun damage just like your real strands. A silicone spray can be used to form a protective barrier. These are made for natural hair but are safe to use on your extensions. Doing this when going outdoors in summer combined with regular hydration will keep your locks manageable.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 9: Do Not Use Heat Tools On Your Hair Extensions

Try to avoid using heat tools on your hair during the summer. The season is already hot and could dry out your hair without the added help.  Excessive heat can also cause color to fade. If you must use a styling tool, do so minimally and try to keep the temperature as low as you can.

  • Summer Extension Care Tip 10: Swim with a Bun Instead of a Pony Tail

A loose bun is preferable to a ponytail when swimming. Also, try to minimize the time you spend in the water. The hair itself can handle it, but excessive soaking in salty or chlorinated water can weaken the bond that holds hair extensions in.

The right regimen will keep your hair extensions looking amazing all summer long. If you have questions or need care advice, Tiffany Taylor can help. Schedule a consultation today, so your look is ready for summer fun!