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Brad Cook

Tiffany Taylor Hair is a pleasure to do business with!

Julie Moore

I love how my color and cut always looks. I never miss my appointments.

Jessica Mills

Tiffany is the Best stylist I've ever had! I came
To her from another hair salon for my hair dreams extensions and micro line- the previous salon was gouging me- charging me ridiculous money. She was not only able to help save my pocket book- she saved my hair too! She is a wonderful person, and an amazing stylist - so much so that I drive almost 50 miles one way just for my hair Appts. I will never go anywhere else- I have never found anyone that could do my hair the way she does. I get so many compliments about my hair, and hair color since she's been doing my hair - and I have and will
Always recommend her! I will never go anywhere else again. She has certainly earned another loyal customer! Book an appt with her- and I gaurantee you will not be dissappointed!

Sonya Paul

Tiffany has magic! Great experience, amazingly talented. She makes my hair look like the pictures I see in a magazine !

Gabe Lee

My girlfriend loves this place! Tiffany was a pleasure to do business with. Would go again.

Sharon Spiser

Professional service; upscale urban atmosphere; and love how she does my hair! Highly recommend Tiffany if you are in search of a new stylist!

Stacy Sheid

Tiffany changed my world! Finally finding an option for female hair loss, after hunting night and day! She's the best! I feel pretty again!

Erica Smetters

Tiffany is amazing! I was diagnosed with Alopecia about 10 years ago and struggled to find a hair replacement solution that made me feel comfortable. Then I found Tiffany! She is well versed in all things hair related and offered me a solution that I never thought was possible! I don't know what I'd do without her!!

karen martin

Professional, private, relaxing/engaging music that you might catch yourself moving in the chair and/or singing with. Perfection delivered in timely manner with gentle touch. 🍷&healthy snacks available


Tiffany is not just a great hair stylist, she is a true and understanding friend. She cares deeply about each of her clients and always works hard to make sure they are happy with the always high quality of her work. Simply can't recommend her enough.


Tiffany does a wonderful job with my hair. She uses a Hair Dreams hair piece on me that has made my thin hair look wonderful and full. She always takes time to make sure everything is perfect and we have also become great friends. Would recommend her to the world unless she gets too busy for me. The best of the best!!

Jane Sorosky

Tiffany always does an amazing job! She has perfected my hair cut and color. I always leave my hair appointments so excited about my hair color and style. Along with being extremely talented, she is professional and personable. I would highly recommend her.

Carly Peters

Tiffany is absolutely amazing! I trust no one else with my hair, seriously. I've gone to her for over 5 years and she has never once failed to amaze me. Not only is she professional, she is personable, and so much fun. She knows my whole life story by now and gives me the best advice. Most importantly, she has completely transformed my hair. She took my hair from dry and damaged, to healthy and beautiful. She's been with me through extensions, which she is phenomenal at doing, to growing out my natural hair without extensions, and she's excelled at both. No kidding, you're crazy if you don't go to her. I will never go to another hair stylist. Even when I moved away for 8 months I flew back every month just so she could do my hair. She deserves way more than 5 stars, she deserves a million!


Tiffany is amazing!!! Not only is she incredibly talented with everything hair related- from extensions, to cut, to color and so on. She is also one of the warmest most genuine people around. Her ability to transform fine, thinning hair into a beautiful mane- always taking into consideration her clients preferences, concerns and wishes- is simply incredible.

Jen Cadic

So happy to have found Tiffany Taylor! This was my first ever extensions experience and Tiffany has been so great to work with. She gives you a thorough consultation, recommends the best approach, explains everything about the process in detail, and is available to answer your many questions along the way. 🙂 The end result is flawless and I am so happy with my new hair! I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone looking for hair extensions or a new stylist!

Tiffany is truly amazing! She has a true gift for helping women like me who have experienced severe hair loss. After 20 years of trying hair loss powders, toppers, wigs, shampoos, I have finally found my solution in the microline with Tiffany. After I had my baby, the little hair I had left, just fell out in clumps. I was devastated and hopeless. I called Tiffany and she was so kind, warm, and encouraged me there was hope. I was immediately impressed when I arrived at her salon to meet her. Her genuine warmth and spirit put me at ease and I felt relaxed because she was confident in her techniques. The privacy of just Tiffany and me in the salon was also so comforting. When Tiffany fitted me with the microline system, I was totally shocked by my makeover! I look like a whole new person! Seriously!!! I have hair again and it's mine! I wake up with it and go to bed with it. I love it! It's changed my whole life! I'm free from the heavy burden of always worrying about my balding head! I feel so great and for the first time in my adult life I feel beautiful. I owe so much to Tiffany. She has no idea what she has done for me. She has given me the gift of freedom! If you are a woman with severe hair loss, do this for yourself! It is worth it! It will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself!!! I took my daughter to the park this weekend and it was so windy. I exercise all the time and can sweat now in pubic. People compliment me all the time now and tell me I look beautiful! I'm overwhelmed by this life-changing experience!!! Tiffany Taylor, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I love coming in to see you and I love what you do for my hair and my confidence! You're awesome!

Tiffany always provides professional and attentive service on each visit. I have a special hair piece that requires a lot of care and she is the best. Would always recommend her.